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Gay Week 2021 in Zipolite Mexico
Feb 10, 2021, 7:00 AM CST
Playa Zipolite

About The Event

A beautiful untouched, unspoiled, uncrowded, non tourist ridden beach town with one small Main Street, great places to eat and friendly people. Almost anything goes. Really unwind in a hammock by the beach or relax with a beer under an umbrella. The place is yours! Also everything is very very affordable. 


Gay Week in Zipolite Mexico is from 10-17 February 2021

It is a celebration of nudists from the LGBTQ community with drag shows, specials at bars, restaurants and hotels and gays from all over the world.


A planned travel experience - we bring like minded gay nudists together and take care of the details.


  • Lodging at a group discounted price

  • Airport transportation from HUX airport

  • Social events with plenty to drink

  • Breakfast served at your Posada 

  • Other gays from all over


You only need to get your flight to HUX. Join a group of fellow gay nudists on a clothes free social adventure to the beautiful, unspoiled Zipolite.

Any questions at all do not hesitate to email us at


Gay week 2021 is a week long celebration in Zipolite Mexico. Local restaurants and hotels join in to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Zipolite is one of the highlights for a gay nudist visitor to Mexico. The beautiful approximately 2 km long beach is fronted by a collection of beachside restaurants and hotels. Nudity is entirely accepted and normal on the entire beach as are displays of affection between same-sex couples. Zipolite as well as the neighbouring beaches are very gay friendly. A happy and expanding tourist town once known for its distinctive hippy vibe, Zipolite still has Mexico's only clothing-optional beach policy.The perfect place to get away, relax and have fun on any budget. Sea-food here is cheap and amazing. Days seem to turn into months while relaxing on the beach watching whales and dolphins pass by off the coast.

The most gay section is Playa del Amor, reached by walking to the far east side of the main beach. It's a small hidden beach. (Pictured Below) This is the most popular and the most cruisy spot for gay men and the BEST spot to watch the sunset. Zipolite's everything goes sort of vibe has attracted a number of communities to the area. As well as the gay and nudist presence, there are a number of places for yoga and massage for a very low price. There are is also a young party crowd that comes down for all night raves on the beach at the various hotels.

Hotel Neptuno

This is real Mexico. Not a five star tourist hotel.  A beautiful ocean side escape to relax and enjoy. Perfectly located right on the nude beach.